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Is your child suffering from an allergy or a general medical problem? Get in touch with Leeds Private Paediatrician to make an appointment. 
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You can count on my medical expertise

Worrying about the health and well-being of children is what parents do. Ensuring they lead a vibrant, healthy and happy life is necessary to make sure the children achieve their best. I am a private paediatrician who specialises in treating children who're suffering from allergies and general medical problems. I will carry out thorough assessments and checks to identify the cause, so that treatment is effective. To make an appointment, contact me today.
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Sensitive and caring

Children are not particularly fond of doctors or tests, which is why I follow a friendly approach and listen to what they have to say and understand their concerns. By helping them become more comfortable, I can make it easier for them to explain the various issues they're facing.
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I am based in Leeds and am open to consult for patients from Yorkshire, the North and across the UK. To ensure that your child is leading a healthy life, schedule an appointment today.
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