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Dr Donald Hodge
Leeds Private Paediatrician specialises in helping children who suffer from general medical problems and various types of allergies due to foods, hayfever, asthma and eczema. I am located in Leeds and treat patients from Yorkshire, the North and across the UK.
Skin prick testing

Our fee structure

• Initial consultation (45 minutes) - £200.00
• Skin prick testing - £50
• Follow up consultation (30 minutes) - £150.00
For skin prick testing, both the Spire and Nuffield hospitals levy a charge in addition to charges listed above. These charges are determined by the hospitals and are available from the outpatient department.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me for further details.

A widely recognised children's specialist

health care provider

Private Health Insurance

I am a recognised specialist for all the major Private Medical Insurance (PMI) companies. Please obtain a referral letter from your GP as your PMI will require this for your insurance to be valid.
Please bring your insurance details with you to the consultation. Additionally, please obtain authorisation for the consultation and any tests from your insurer in advance. Some policies set limits for the total amount available for investigations and outpatient consultations. Please check carefully the terms of your cover with the insurer, in particular any excess that you will be required to pay. If your PMI reimbursement does not cover the fee(s) in full, you agree to pay the difference between the fee(s) and the PMI reimbursement.

A little girl being tested for  flu

Self-Funding Patients

I am happy to see self-funding patients who do not have PMI. I am prepared to see these patients without a GP referral letter but will send a copy of the consultation letter to your GP so that they are aware of any medical issues.
If self-funding, you will receive an invoice along with the clinic letter after the consultation. Payment by means of a personal cheque or BACS transfer is acceptable. Terms are 30 days and prompt settlement is appreciated. In the event of non-payment, debts will be referred to our debt collection agency whose charges will be added to and payable with the invoice debt.

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